Friday, February 17, 2012


Rachel and I have invented a rationalization process where basically everything and anything is eaten/bought/done based on YOLO: You Only Live Once. Should I really buy that? Hell yeah- YOLO!  Should we stop and get a pastry on the way home?  We’re only in Sevilla as high metabolism-bodied youngins once! YOLO.  Should we try another tapa? YOLOOOOOO! All in all, YOLO may become the death of us. That or it’ll be the reason I come back unrecognizably obese.

Sunday- super tired, slept in. Steven called and we met up to go to the Mercado de arte en la plaza del museo
So many street vendor artists! I found myself standing in front of one artist’s paintings for a solid 10 minutes debating which painting of his I wanted and if I had enough money to buy multiple.  I told myself I’d keep looking and come back if I still wanted one but it was hard for me to walk away…I didn’t want anyone taking my potential purchases. I was eyeing an awesome painting of the typical Spanish toros in the bullfights when I forced myself to keep looking. Of course I ended up coming back 5 minutes later because I knew I had to have it. I spoke with the artist for a bit (and if you read my past posts from last summer (Florence), I love befriending local artists) and told him I would come back to see him next Sunday with lots of money. I also ended up telling another artist I wanted him to reserve a painting for me because I didn’t have all my money with me. I am so delusional that I think I have more money back at our casa…

Saturday- woke up at 11am and went to explore. At one point we wanted to sit out in the sun and have a snack. It’s still pretty cold here (unusual for the Sevillians as this is considered the hottest city in Spain) but in 50 degree weather the sun still feels great. Rachel and I sat outside at a little café across from my school sipping our café con leche, people watching and eating “tostada delicioso”: toast with goat cheese and caramelized onions. Mom and Dad you’ll be happy to know most of the conversation that took place was on how lucky we are and what great, great lives we live. I’d say it was this start to our day that made the rest of it go by so damn productively.

After this we did the expected here in Spain at 3:00pm, we went home to eat lunch with Maribel (our madre).  Lunch is the bigger meal here so you can digest and take a siesta before heading back to work or school. We almost always have a soup to start and this time we had pea soup, then fish with capers and a salad with the whole kitchen sink in it! Rachel and I looove Maribel’s salads because she doesn’t hold back- this time it even had pineapple in it.
Arroz con Leche!
Platos tipicos de Maribel
After lunch we headed back out to finally do some shopping! It’s rebajas (sale) season right now and every store has huuuge discounts. I ended up coming home with 3 pairs of shoes, none of which I paid more than 17 euros for! BAM, finance major rationalizing her shopaholic problems.
We found one of the flea markets and explored- mostly jewelry, scarves and handmade leather bags. Gotta get me one of those ASAP. I need a purse that will remind me of this amazing city every time I look at it. Once again, I’m rationalizing my spending. WhiteGirlProblems.  #ProblemasDeLasGringas

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