Monday, July 16, 2012

Salmon For Days

But really.
When I went crazy at the grocery store the other day (again, probably due to too much MasterChef watching) I bought 2 salmon fillets.
What she order? 2 big ass Fish Fillets.
Why? I honestly don't know what I was thinking at the time (other than singing Kanye)-
I live by myself and definitely do not eat more than 1/2 a fillet a meal.
Alas, it's just made me get super creative with my salmon cooking.

Tonight I was feeling something tangy with a lil bit o' heat to it.
I figured I'd make a Salmon Puttanesca (my favorite Italian sauce). But I wanted the salmon to actually be flavored with the sauce instead of just adding it overtop (just caught myself writing that but i'll leave it. Take it as a gesture to all my Virginian friends who think "overtop" or "on accident" make sense).

So I olive oil-ed the salmon, added some salt and lemon pepper, splash of garlic powder as usual and place it on a sheet of foil. Then I added chopped cherry tomatos, kalamata olives, capers, olives, splash it with some lemon, sprinkled red pepper flakes and rolled up the little treat. I put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 25 mins and the s--t was on point!

Then I figured I needed some type of carb to go with it (because everything needs a side of carboHYDRATE or else we'd all be dehydrated. duh) so I made some quinoa.

But I was bored with the pairing so as the salmon cooked I toasted some fennel seeds (i suddenly had a craving for fennel but i wasn't about to go back to the crazy lady at Stop & Shop).

I put those aside and sauteed some garlic in olive oil, then threw in some frisée (the literally FRIZZY greens you avoid in your everyday bag o' salad). I never eat the frisée in my salad mix so I thought I'd see what it tasted like sauteed in my favorite butter of garlic and oil.
Then I put it all together: first the quinoa (add tabasco if you're a real person who likes flavor), then the frisée, top with the toasted fennel seeds and red pepper flakes, pile the mound high with all the goodness wrapped in the foil and if you don't know, NOW YA KNOW PLAYA.

"As you lift the fish, make love to it, 
don’t fuck it."
                                                 -Gordon Ramsay

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DC Bucketlist

     So since I'll be in the city for a whole 2 months it's only fitting to create a bucketlist to complete before I go. Thankfully I have plenty of friends in the area to add to the list and to check off things with. The list so far

1.     Ride the metro (easy start)
2.     Go to National Harbor
3.     Go to Baltimore Harbor
4.     Go to a Nats baseball game
5.     Eat crabs with beer in MD (ate them in Rehoboth instead)

6.     Buy a table/get bottle service at a club (and pretend you're famous)
7.     Go to happy hour in DuPont

8.     Go to a rooftop bar
9.     Have oysters waterfront in Georgetown
10. Celebrate the nation’s birthday in the nation’s capital

11. Go to Wilson’s in Clarendon
12. Go to Old Towne Alexandria
13. Go to the Baltimore Aquarium (soon to come- the awkward group intern photo of us there)
14. Go shopping in Tyson’s Corner
15. Go out on the river
16. Try Ethiopian food
17. Go to a outdoor concert
 My sorry attempt at a picture of the Barenaked Ladies at Wolftrap (time for an iphone!)

18. Go out in Capital Hill (and pretend to be a Congressional Intern hehe)
19. Get a jumbo slice in Adam’s Morgan
20. Go to Rehoboth Beach for a weekend

21. Sing karaoke at a bar (obviously I chose Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back)
22. Go out for brunch (and get a bloody mary)
23. Meet up with every possible friend in the DMV area (it WILL happen!)
24. Try all locally produced beers [Flying Dog- check!]
25. Get mom to come for a weekend
26. Go to Jiffy Lube for a concert (July 28th- 311 and Slightly Stoopid!!)
27. Run a 5k +
28. Eat from a foodtruck (especially Jose Andres’ or the lobster truck)
29. Speak Spanish whenever possible (harder than you'd think! I find myself, awkwardly of course, speaking to any and every Hispanic-looking person...)
30. Go to TRUCKEROO!!!