Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

            A mere 3 weeks after getting back from Spain, I was on the road again. Well actually I left sooner than that- taking a quick trip down to Blacksburg to see friends before they headed home for the summer (and to experience my first legal downtown experience!).
            Then I was off to move into my temporary residence in Brookland, DC. This summer I’m interning at Grant Thornton, an accounting firm in Mclean, VA. Obviously, while I was in Spain the last thing on my mind was my summer internship, or even where I would live while I interned. Lucky for me a friend from home who goes to Catholic University said I could just live in her apartment since she would be in CT all summer. Luckier for me, most of my work engagements are on client sites which are easy metro stops away from the apartment.
           This Sunday I was feeling a little fancy (probably from watching reruns of MasterChef all week) and with a lack of ingredients in the fridge, I went grocery shopping. Note: where I live is definitely not the best area (not the worst either) but I must say I’ve never before encountered so many characters at a single Stop & Shop, i.e. on Father’s Day I went for the first time and my cashier was telling me “ma good fo nothin daddy be callin me dis morning acksin when ima bust his a-- out da hospital. I tell him, you be glad it ain’t da prison or I wouldn’t be busin yo a-- outta no where”. Then she proceeded to comment on my Living magazine which had smores on the cover, “Ooo child look at dat cinnamon sprinkled over there. Looks gewd”. They didn’t have any cinnamon on them…
            Anyway today I somehow found myself spending $70 on food (sometimes I get a little carried away). But it’s all worth it because I’d rather spend a little more for organic or fresh produce than boxed processed s—t. For lunch I DEFINITELY got carried away but this has probably been my best lunch in a long time.
I ended up making a pan-seared salmon over quinoa and a roasted veggie salad of garlic, onions, green beans and sweet potatoes. I squeezed some lemon on top and, as always, added some aguacate (avocado) too. It.was.GOOD.

For the salmon I sautéed some garlic in a pan and then seared the fish until crispy. For the salad I drizzled some olive oil over the veggies, sprinkled some salt and pepper and threw it in the oven. I cooked the quinoa as usual but added in garlic powder, lemon pepper and, of course, Tabasco. I topped it all off with the lemon and the avocado and went to town. 
          Dare I say Gordon Ramsay would even approve!??

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