Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why Dijon Reminds Me of a Third-World Country

(do not take this too seriously- i'm really not this spoiled/ignorant/annoying i just can't wait to leave Dijon)

1. We never have an internet connection
2. We don't have phones
3. We walk everywhere
4. I have to wash my clothes in my sink
5. I have to dry my clothes out my window/scatter them across my room
6. I have to buy gallons of water at the convenience store and bring them here to drink (compare to carrying water from the watering hole)
7. People here smell terrible (don't wear deodorant)
8. People here don't shower often (see above)
9. There's no toilet paper in the bathrooms
10. Air conditioning is non-existant

10a. there's no soap in the bathrooms
10b. i had to pay .50 euros to use a bathroom at the train station in Paris
10c. bathrooms at rest stops are literally holes in the ground (picture the outhouse scene in slumdog millionaire)

i think now i know why no one ever smiles here

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