Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pardon My French

Our first weekend trip was to Nice, France- just a short 10 hour bus ride away. But it's fine because it was worth it. It was really touristy so at least people spoke English there and we went to an awesome bar called Wayne's the first night. Everyone was British and there was a live brit rock band playing that made my life.
I spent the entire day at the beach, i didn't want to do anything else. It had no sand, but big, smooth stones like they use in massages. The water was pretty cold but really refreshing and super clear.
For lunch we went to a little cafe and ate pizza outside. I got a veggie (4 saison=4 season) pizza that had hearts of palm, red peppers, string beans, zucchini and really strong olives with pits on it. All the pizzas here are thin crust and they don't cut them so i probably looked even more American when i started cutting it into triangle slices, with the butter knife they provided me with. Anywho it was f---ing delicious (pardon my french..or don't i don't really care). I ate as much as i could before i'd look like a beached whale in a bathing suit and since we had a feeling the french don't do to-go boxes i had to leave about half of it :(

oh we also saw mj resurrected

The day after we basically hiked to the top of a lookout point before we had to come back to lameass Dijon (here don't pardon my french please). As usual i wished we had more time there but i have a feeling i'll be back in this lifetime. I want to take the train from Nice to Cannes too for the famous film festival (which was this weekend too btw but we didn't have time/didn't know where the train was haha). Don't worry Jude Law, we'll run into each other eventually.

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