Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prague Part 2: The Actual Trip

After class Thursday we got on the first of 3 trains, starting our 10 hour trip to the  Czech Republic. So glad we have German rail passes because we only had to pay for the train from the border of Germany to CR and it was 20 euros. Normally the entire trip costs around 300 euros.
Once we got to the train station in Prague it was around 10pm and the place was completely empty. We had a map but we had no idea how to find our hostel. We asked the taxi driver how much it would cost to get there and he had the nerve of telling us 700 korunas for 4 people. The map said it was 1km away. 28 euros. 1 kilometer. I felt like saying, “Bitch paaaleeaseee”. We debated over which exit out of the station we should take to start our journey when the driver came back and told us 400 korunas for 4 people (4 euros a person). Then I felt like saying, “You learn quick young grasshoppa”.
When we got to our hostel I was surprised to see how clean and modern it was. I’ve become accustomed to third-world-country-hospital-like hostels. Traveling on a budget. They placed us 6 females in a 12 person dorm (again, traveling on a budget) where people were already asleep. We all had our computers so we immediately thought this was a bad idea so we transferred into a 4 bed room and had 2 of us share each night. Good thing we are all tiny. It ended up saving us a good amount of money and we didn’t have to worry about anything being stolen (paranoid Sophie over here). The next day we woke up and paid 120 korunas (5 euros) for BREAKFAST BUFFET! HELLOOOOOO PERFECT START TO MY DAY! They had everything from toast and jelly to real, fresh fruit (insert excited profanity) to homemade granola (@$*&!) to cheesy, scrambled eggs (0_0 ßcrackhead seeing a mountain of crack). On this entire trip eggs have become such a rarity that my soul grows a little every time I have the opportunity to consume such a heavenly source of food. I ate half my body weight and then made a sandwich to-go for lunch (I know, I’m such a good financial planner- you’re welcome, Dad).
We started on our free walking tour when we graced by the presence of our raspy voiced tour guide. Yayyy I love having tour guides who’ve lost their voice give 30 person tours around heavily crowded, loud areas. After 2 hours of not hearing much, except for really important facts like his grandfather was an Olympic runner for Czechoslovakia, we ditched and went to do our own exploring.
Funny story- we were trying to find the famous Prague Palace, aimlessly wandering, when Charlotte asked a passerby where it was. He laughed in her face and responded, “You passed it”. We walked back the direction we came and Charlotte asked another. He laughed and answered, “You’re standing in it”. We are some damn touristy tourists! Apparently the whole gated area with all the buildings inside it is considered the Palace. Who’da thought.
That night we went to the 5 floor club!!!!!! Or as I like to call it, a dream come true. The first floor was radio hits, then came hip hop (or as the stairs labeled it, “black music”), then oldies (inhabited by, you guessed it, old people) and, finally, the chill room. My main headquarters was hip hop where we avoided creepers by standing on a ledge over the dance floor. This might be why people tried to take pictures with us after…I think they thought we worked there. Don’t worry I made some really unattractive faces for those pictures. Tag me!
Forgot to mention how before we got to the club we had THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD I’VE EVER TASTED and I’ve been to Mexico. Charlotte and I split a taco salad with really tasty, shredded chicken and spicy salsa inside a fried tortilla shell. Claire and Maria split nachos that were DAAANNKKKK and, like the vulture that I am, I swooped in and finished their leftovers. I missed you spicy food. I had to hold back from sneaking the hot sauce into my purse.
            Prague was fun and definitely a good sight to see but it was also sketchy and a slight let-down. I think because it was a holiday weekend a lot of people left the city to go travel elsewhere. It seemed eerily empty, especially around the non-tourist attractions.

prague palace


Lennon Wall


weirdest thing i've ever seen- GIANT crawling babies on a tower

trideln'ks: cinnamon pastries that are crispy on the inside and doughy on the outside. HEAVEN.

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