Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glazed Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes

Every time finals week gets closer, the work piles higher and somehow I always find ways to increase my amount of procrastination. Seeing as 2 spanish essays are due next week, it would be a lie to tell you I haven't been putting both of them off at every possible opportunity I can find. Today I made cupcakes en lugar de escribiendo mis ensayos finales. ¡No te preocupes- despues de este "post" yo voy a terminar los dos!
Anyway back to the cupcakes- I actually wasn't a fan of these. They weren't difficult to make but they are really sweet to begin with (they have a layer of raspberry jelly inside) so I felt like the glaze kind of overdid it. Aaaaand i slightly over-baked them because i've never used these little silicon cupcake things before....Oh well, you live and you learn. Happy Belated Easter :)

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