Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer in Europe

First of all, I love my life. Sometimes you just need to take a second to appreciate everything you're given in life. I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for. But really all this gratefulness/reflection is coming from being abroad right now. In Europe. For 2 months.
We just got back from Interlaken, Switzerland about an hour ago and i can honestly say ive been to Pandora. or Heaven. Either fits. It was literally the most beautiful place i've ever been. The water was gorgeous, the swiss alps were gorgeous, the people were gorgeous. Even the air smelt better there- crisp, clean and refreshing hahah and the water was just the same. The Swiss are super eco-friendly and there tap water is a run off from the mountains but i don't think i've ever had better water. To quote Steph, "guys, were in an Evian bottle". It all seemed too good to be true, like it was out of a movie. 

the tram took us to that little restaurant at the top

it was basically a 90 degree angle to get up

our bungalow

the stop in the middle of nowhere

The pictures really don't do it justice but try and picture breathing in delicious air when you look at them. 
The hostel was a cute little bungalow and the best part was that people actually spoke English. I'm so sick of the rude French staring me down or laughing at my attempt to speak their language. Interlaken had people from all over- New Zealand, South Africa, England. The city is known for its extreme sports which brings a lot of outdoorsy peeps. On saturday a lot of people went canyoning, paragliding, bungy jumping, etc but since im trying to save my money to travel EVERYWHERE this summer, jill and i decided to rent bikes and explore. I'm sure it wasn't as fun as everyone elses adrenaline pumping activities but honestly as long as i could look around, i was in heaven. 
The night we got there we went to 2 for 1 happy hour at the bar downstairs and later learned it's also the best dance club in the city. HOLLA. i drank my new favs- desperados (funny) a combo of beer and tequila- and danced all night.  
The second night we got thai food right next to our hostel which was SOOO GOOD. i dont know what it is about interlaken but i realized there was a lot of asian tourists and asian food. i looked at the menu and found the dinner with the most chilli peppers next to its name because i miss spicy food so much. i even bought tabasco in Dijon the other day for 3 euros- that's like $5 0_o 
Anyway, we got some chicken with peppers, green beans, onions, garlic and rice and my mouth was on fire but i couldnt stop it was so tasty. We ate it outside of the hostel with some more 2 for 1 happy hour desperados. As I'm writing this i can't even think of a happier night. We went downstairs and the madness began. Saturdays must be the night to go out in Interlaken and like i said we were at the best/might've been the only club in the city. It was so crowded you couldn't even move so i just stayed at the bar the entire night (...some of you know the rest of this lovely story). 
When we woke up we had to check out by 10am and apparently go to some castle that Lance had planned for us to visit. Even though every single one of us just wanted to stay in Interlaken, we had to go to what ended up being a place in the middle of the Alps, with absolutely no castle in sight. -_-
All i wanted to do was 1. go back to sleep and 2. go back to the city and never leave.
I know i sound so spoiled when i say this but i'm starting to despise Dijon, France. Everyday the French get more and more on my nerves with their snooty ass attitudes and unfulfilling meals. I'm sorry i got food poisoning the first day i was here and can't even look at cheese. I'm sorry i like heavy breakfasts like oatmeal or eggs to wake me up to get to my 8AM CLASS. I'm sorry i can't afford a 30 euro (amazingly delicious) dinner so i have to go get microwavable dinners at the grocery store. I'm sorry that no matter what i wear i stick out like a sore thumb as an American. I'm sorry Lance picked the grossest dorm in the city (every hostel has been cleaner) AND it doesn't even have internet. I could keep going but i hear how annoying i sound.
Dijon has good parts too, obviously, i mean i am in Europe. It has a sweet Australian dance club we always go to, a pretty downtown (this sentence is taking me 10 minutes to think of btw) i honestly can't think of anything else right now. I'm just really bitter about leaving Interlaken.
But i still love my life.
xoxo gossip girl

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